Praise for Pharisectomy

Robert Morris - Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

“When trying to live righteously becomes a way to earn God’s acceptance instead of being a response to His love, it can do much more harm than good. The Bible tells us salvation can’t be earned … it’s a free gift. Peter’s life and this book are both compelling evidence of the powerful things God can do with someone who receives His free gift of grace. The book contains truths that can radically change your life!”

"One of the most creative and dynamic communicators I know"

Dino Rizzo - Lead Pastor, Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, LA

“Peter Haas is one of the most creative and dynamic communicators I know. He has profound insight into God’s Word and how it applies to our lives. Peter’s life reflects all that he has studied and learned. I am honored to call him friend and recommend this book to you. Take the time to read it carefully and check your heart!”

"…Entertaining, and insightful"

Craig Groeschel - Senior Pastor,

“It’s hard to see our own hypocrisy in the mirror. Peter’s book not only helps you identify it but eliminate it. Pharisectomy explores the modern day American church in an intriguing, entertaining and insightful way.”

Warren Bird - Research Director for Leadership Network

“Truth be told, we all have a Pharisee inside us that we’re reluctant to find. Through vulnerable stories, quick wit, bite-size chapters, and challenging applications, Peter Haas helps us, from seasoned Christians to new ones, hop up on the operating table to have our inner Pharisee removed.”

Lindy Lowry - Editor, Outreach magazine

“In all our efforts to live as committed believers, have we missed the very presence of God? Peter Haas’ pointed and poignant question is long overdue. Using crafted storytelling and quick wit, he cuts to the heart of what it truly means and looks like to live a grace-centered life.

Pharisectomy offers much-needed insight for the church.”

Chris Hodges - Lead Pastor, Church of The Highlands

“In a church world that’s filled with cynicism and critique, Peter offers a fresh way to stay connected to God’s life-giving Spirit.”

"Seriously funny storytelling."

Joe Champion - Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

“Pharisectomy is seriously funny storytelling mixed with deep Biblical insights…a great response to a generation that’s quitting on church.”

"A two-by-four between the eyes."

Rob Ketterling - Lead Pastor, River Valley Church

“Peter Haas is a fresh voice to the church and to today’s generation. I believe this book will be well received by some, a real challenge for others and a two by four between the eyes for others. Read it, enjoy it, and see what God says to you while you listen to the stories Peter shares!”

"Hilarious yet painfully true."

Craig Altman - Senior Pastor, Grace Family Church

“Peter’s observations of the weird things churches do are hilarious, yet painfully true.  I actually found a few characters he described in my own church (I hope they read this book). Great read, and you will ask yourself, ‘Do I have any pharisee in me?'”

"Refreshingly authentic"

Rob Hoskins - President of OneHope, Inc.

“Peter Haas doesn’t try to be relevant; he just is! Refreshingly authentic, his whimsical character should not be mistaken for shallowness. As much as anyone I know Haas brings deep insight into American spirituality. “Pharisectomy” can help cut out the legalism and religiosity that plagues the Church without abandoning Biblical righteousness and abiding spirituality. Peter Haas will emerge as a leading voice in the American Church in the early 21st Century.”

"You will disturb your friends with laughter…squirming."

Leonard Sweet - Best-selling author, chief contributor to

“Pharisectomy is one “ectomy” that won’t leave you in pain and discomfort but in joy, hope, humor, and renewed zest for life. One word of warning: the book is not your best airplane companion. You will disturb your seatmates by the laughter, the nodding of the head, and yes, the squirming-—not to mention the puzzled interrogations about the title.”

"A voice of the new generation"

Matt Keller - Lead Pastor, Next Level Church

“I am so excited about this book! God has truly given Peter Haas the ability to slap you in the face and hug you all at the same time! He is a voice of the new generation in the church world today. And he has something to say! Peter’s humor and ultra practical insights make this book a must read.”