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Pharisectomy TrailerGeneral introduction trailer for the sermon series, Pharisectomy. (featured above)Play / DownloadPlay / Download

Turning Over Tables (Part 1)None of us likes to think that we have "Religiously Transmitted Diseases." But after studying why Christ over-turned tables in Mark 11, we're going to ask some penetrating questions: What if we are more addicted to format over fruitfulness? What if we're missing the very presence of Christ for the same reason that the Pharisees missed him? (Mk 11; Isa.56)Play / DownloadPlay / Download

Joy Driven Christianity (Part 2)Many people feel like serving God is Hard. Quite often it's because they've been sold an imposter version of Christianity. The hallmark of true faith is Joy. So, why are there so many Christians who lack this? (Neh. 8:10; Mt. 13:44; Heb. 12:2)Play / DownloadPlay / Download

Check-book Christianity (Part 3)Everyone is teachable to someone. But are they teachable to you? So after a fascinating lesson on the science of teachability, get ready to discover some divine keys to influencing people. From your marriage to your coworkers, God wants to pour out grace & favor. But are you in sync with His method? (Psm 126:1-3; Rom. 2:4).Play / DownloadPlay / Download

The Rise of Rabbid Pets (Part 4)When God's word promises so many benefits for unity, why are there so many Christians who critique each other. Most of the people who destroy the body of Christ do so under the ironic pretense of defending it? Could you be one of those people? And how can get in sync with God's power when it comes to our marriages, families, churches and workplaces? (Rom. 14:19)Play / DownloadPlay / Download